Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Helluva Rabbit Hole

Falling down a rabbit hole would seem terrifying at first,
Ending up in a room of illusion, eating the cake and quenching your thirst.
You shrink, then grow, then shrink again,
Find the right order of things, or you’ll be stuck lost ‘till the end.
You make it through the small locked door,
Wandering aimlessly and nothing more.
If you come across a bright-eyed grinning cat,
Be sure that he leads you, to the Hare and the Hat.
Drink some tea with your friends, at the never ending table,
Just remember one thing this is no dream, not a fable.
Finding more words that start with M,
Marvelously, merrily, momentously rhyming with them.
They want you to stay at their tea party for good,
The decision is yours, do what you think you should.
They’ve told you well, the Red Queen is bad news,
So You’ll never go there, Step on the table with your shoes.
Go back home, to family and friends,
Or stay in Wonderland, where the fun never ends.

What would you do?

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